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Alamar farm is situated in the scenic countryside of Van Alstyne, TX.
The house and kennel sit on top of a hill overlooking a lush green pasture where cattle, sheep, and llamas graze. Wildlife can often be seen crossing the field and can be observed from the front porch.

We are Alan and Marie Koebke, owners and trainers of Alamar Border Collies. Our emphasis has been and will continue to be teaching good stock work and developing the natural working ability to its utmost in herding dogs. We will work with any herding breed in our herding program and any breed in our obedience training program. We strive to bring the most out of each dog and handler we work with. We also emphasize good canine manners and appropriate behavior while in public or on the farm and a basic understanding of how dogs work with people and with livestock We have an extensive board and train program for basic obedience and also for stock dog training. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your companion or hired hand.

Herding is the most important criteria in our breeding program along with health and temperament. Our Border Collies are worked almost daily and their working ability is assessed on a regular basis. Alamar is dedicated to preserving the working ability of the American Working Border Collie. We do not breed or allow our dogs to be bred unless they are showing exceptional ability and talent in herding.

Here at Alamar we feel very strongly about preserving the talent and ability of the working Border Collie. Our philosophy strongly believes that you do not breed Border Collies for the hobby activities they also excel in, but for their working ability only. All of our dogs go to new homes on a spay/neuter contract unless they fit in one of two categories. Either the new owners are experienced with working BCs and share the same philosophy as we do about screening which dogs should be bred. (This includes being willing to carefully screen buyers as to their needs and experience, willingness to guarantee pups and stand behind your breeding program, be a responsible breeder in taking back any dog that either doesn't work or is in need of re-homing). Or, they may be new BC owners, but willing to learn and become guardians of the breed. We love for our new friends and owners to do anything with our dogs that they want, but our philosophy for breeding Border Collies is they should be bred for working ability only, if they pass all requisite health screenings and are of sound temperament.

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All Alamar dogs are registered.

* Hips PennhipCertified
* Eyes CERF Annually
* Excellent Temperament
* Natural Herding Ability


  Views from the front porch.    
  Alamar offers several covered porches for observing at trials and clinics.    

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