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November 3, 1994 - October 25, 2004

Agent, aka “The Big Boy” was a great addition to the “pack”. I started showing Agent as a puppy in conformation, but it became clear that his true talent was in his herding ability. He has an incredible amount of stock sense and is invaluable around the farm. His greatest joy is lambing season. He worries so over the babies and will not leave one if it gets away from mom. Interestingly enough, the momma sheep seem to trust him and he is the only dog on the farm they won’t fight when they have lambs. Although a steadfast worker, he possesses that irresistible Aussie sense of humor on occasion and will “hoochie koochie” on his back as a stress relief, usually in front of a crowd.

In agility, although a pretty big dog, Agent is as athletic as they come. He jumps like a deer and is very accurate. He has his AKC started title and 2 legs on his open title. After being off for a year, he can still come back and never miss a beat. Perhaps when life slows down, we will pursue that last Open leg and move on to excellent.

Agent has a classic Aussie temperament. Somewhat reserved on first meeting, but your best friend thereafter. I have never known him to dislike anyone that was properly introduced. He is equally good with other dogs and has always been the best puppy sitter. He has very correct movement, single tracking from the rear. He is a powerful dog and sends that power to his offspring.



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