Alamar’s Last Call HXAS HXAC


Photo by Pat Corl



Although Gin belongs to Chad and Stacy McEntee, Gin will be a member of the “Alamar Gang”. She is showing signs of being quite the cattle dog.

Gin has started her trial career. Kyle Smith of Missouri ran her in Wichita, KS in 3 trials and completed her advanced title on sheep with all placements her first time out in advanced. Kyle has spent quite a bit of time training her for Chad for work on his cattle ranch but Gin easily makes the transition to sheep. Gin has a nice style and drives with power and sensibility. She doesn't grip on sheep unless asked and keeps her head about her on the trial field.

These photos are showing her first time on cattle at 6 months old.

Gin has an amazingly low heel bite.
  And she can head, too. Photos by Pat Corl

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