Raising & Training our Puppies:

Puppies at Alamar are raised in the house where they are exposed to common household activities from the time they are born as well as people. They have been on a variety of surfaces, textures, heard household noises as well as outside noises and been exposed to livestock. They have used a doggy door as well as been started in crate training.

Puppies are evaluated daily on developmental milestones, temperament, intelligence and trainability. Once they are 8 weeks old, they are exposed to livestock on a weekly basis to peak early interest and eventually to investigate natural working tendencies.

Alamar puppies are guaranteed to be free of Hip Dysplasia and genetic eye abnormalities. Puppies are taken back at any time for the lifetime of the dog. Proper training is insisted on and contact throughout the lifetime of the dog is encouraged. We love to hear how our babies are doing!

To reserve a pup on the waiting list call Marie and Alan Koebke 903-364-5641 for info on future breedings.

Email: mad@texoma.com



Past Litters

Carli x Spur - November 2007  

Sydney-Lives with Terry Dear in Aubrey, TX and will train at Alamar
Trip-Lives with Melissa Winters and trains at Alamar for trials
Gin-Is currently living at Alamar, but will go to Chad and Stacy
McEntee to work cattle.

Rosie x Bob - August 2006
Due to the success of the Rosie/Bob litter, we have had many requests to repeat this breeding.  So we did!

Lark-HT, PT JHD Lives and works at Alamar
Boss-JHD, HT Lives and works at Alamar
Reba- HT PT HSAS HRD I HTAD I Lives with Tim and Donna Walker and
trains at Alamar
Mirk- HT PT HSAS HRD I HTAD I Lives with Tim and Donna Walker and
trains at Alamar
Sam-HCT Lives with Tom and Karen Quinn in Dallas and Trains at Alamar
in preparation for his move to the cattle ranch in New Mexico.
Kate-HT Lives with Terri Doby in Melissa, TX and trains at Alamar
Maggie-Lives with Michael Martin in Dallas and watches over his 4
Simon-lives in Oregon with Renata and does agility and herding
Benjamin- Lives with Sarah and Jim Watkins and is their best buddy.
Sweep-Lives with Craton Phillips and works cattle
Eli-Lives with his young owner and works goats every day in his goat
milking operation.
Hank -Lives and takes care of Terri Caldwell in Dallas
Below left to right - Maggie, Ben, Lark & Sam

Zip x Pal - April 2006  

Hannah-HT PT HSAS Lives with Anna Leal in Plano, TX
Pete-HT PT Lives with Neal Estes and is currently working on a sheep
ranch in Oregon
Bugsey-HTAD I Lives with Cathy, Mike and Charlie Ann McGill and works
on a cattle ranch. He has 2 legs on his HSAS
Bonnie-HT PT HSAS HTAD I Lives in Lucas, TX with Melissa Winters
Dottie-Dottie lives with Chad and Stacy McEntee and works cattle and
goats and watches over their 2 girls

Rosie x Bob - November 2004
Rosie was bred to Bob. Rosie is out of Russell McCord's Sam and our own Angel. She is a very intuitive, stylish worker with tons of drive and plenty of power. Rosie has outstanding natural balance and can drive a line forever. She works cattle,sheep, goats, ducks, and has won classes in all types of stock in a variety of venues. She is sweet-natured, gets along great with other dogs and people. She learns a job very quickly and never forgets.
Bob is out of Red Oliver's Roy and Reba. He is a tireless worker and a sweetheart to boot! He has natural wide flanks and has a lot of push
and bite. Bob worked cattle for the first 4 years of his adult life but due to an unfortunate accident, he now just works sheep. He never tires and will go forever.
Emma- HT PT HSAS 2 Legs on HIAS HTAD I lives at Alamar and is in
intermediate competition
Ripley- HT PT HSAS lives with Tricia Milsap in Lucas, TX and is in
intermediate competition.
Belle-HT PT HSAS lives in Garland with Pat Corl and is in intermediate
competition in herding and she does agility.
Gypsey- HT PT HSAS HSBS HIAS HIBS HXAS HXBS lives with Rachel Chepulus
and is only a couple of points away from her herding championship.
Cupid- lives in Houston with her big brother Piper with Ken and Shari
Stahl and watches over 2 yr old Kyle.
Sam lives in Scotland with Fiona Yudahy.
Dasher-lives in California
Below from left to right - (Sam, Ripley, Cupid)(Star)(Dasher)
Rosie x Spur - November 2003  

Banjo-HT PT HSAS HIAS HRD I & II HTAD I & II lives at Alamar and is
the #1 farm hand. He is in advanced competition now and works sheep,
goats, cattle and ducks.
Domino-HT PT HSAS HRD I HTAD I & II Domino spent the first 4 years of his life at Alamar.  In June of ’08 he went to live with our dear friends John and Anna Leal and is John’s best friend and trial partner.  He is loving his new role as “house dog extraordinaire! 
Montana- lives with Jim and Lori Shipman in Quitman and works full time
on a cattle ranch and is Jim's best buddy and right hand.
Dusty- lives in Edgerton, WI on a dairy farm and is Gary Olson's hired
Piper- lives in Houston with Ken and Shari Stahl and keeps their little
boy, Kyle in line with his sister Cupid, a Rosie Bob girl.
Jet- HT is currently residing at Alamar until Tom and Karen Quinn take
her to the ranch in New Mexico in September where she will work cattle
with her brother Sam, a Rosie/Bob boy.
Di- lives in Houston with James and Kim Lynch where she is a weekend
cattle dog on the ranch and city girl during the week.
Mouse- lives in Georgia with Robin Darnell where she works occasionally
but mostly herds up Robin's boys with her brother Tahg, an Angel/Spur
Jesse- lives in Ohio with Dawn and Ralph McNerney where he works goats
and keeps his mom safe from the Billy Goat.
Oreo - lives in Colorado with Karen and is her best friend.
Reno-lives with Lenore and James Evans in Allen, TX

Picture below - Montana


I'm sorry I never get around to sending email, but
read of your recent outstanding awards and thought I
would send you a picture of our "Tanner".
He is the smartest dog we have ever had and is at
Jim's side everyday.
Of course WE love him. Thanks so much for bringing so
much joy to our lives.
Lori and Jim Shipman
Angel x Bob - May 2003  

Jazz-Lives with Heather Shaver
Haley-Lives with the Stephens family in Plano.
Solo-Lives with Dawn McNerney and works goats and keeps Dawn safe from
the Billy Goat
Sobe- Lives in New York with Kathy Martin and is a Flyball Champion
Carli-HT PT HSAS HIAS HXAS Lives with Melissa Winters in Lucas TX and
trains at Alamar
Tator-HT, PT, currently lives at Alamar but is looking for a new home.
Lilo -lives on a horse ranch in OK

Angel x Spur - April 2002  

Jack-Lives with Bill and Pricilla Baldwin in Rockwall TX
Tagh-Lives in Georgia with Robin Darness and his little sister Mouse
Missy-Lives in Houston with Jim and Kim Lynch and works on the cattle
ranch on the weekends
Topper-works on a cattle ranch in OK with Joe Sibert
Cap- Lives in Caney, OK with Sue Ann Thornton
Task-Lives on a Dairy Farm in DeWitte, IA with Roger and Mary Green
Zip -HSAS, Now
lives in Ft. Worth with our new friend, Al Marti

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