Alibi's Texas Tornado PT NA CGC





OFA Good, Eyes CERFed clear, Born 1/24/92

Following on Storm's "tail" was Spinner. I did so admire Storm's intelligence and ability to learn extensive amounts of information. So when Spinner became available I jumped at the chance. He was a little blue bundle of energy and probably saved the other dogs in the house (Katie the Basset Hound and Biscuit, the pug) from being driven crazy by Storm's constant pestering. Storm and Spinner became best of friends and set the standard for all others to follow.

Spinner is probably best known for his intelligence and amazing sense of humor. Unfortunately his titles acquisition did not reflect his ability. This was mostly because he tended to use his intelligence for evil instead of good. One of his biggest obstacles to achieving perfection in competition was the need to improve on what I wanted him to do. "If you liked it that way, wait until you see this!" He could invent more ways to modify an exercise in obedience than any dog I ever saw. For instance: There was the time we were doing scent discrimination by having the class stand in a circle and throw the dumbbells in the center. When it came time for Spinner to get his, he would consistently pick up his friend Picard's dumbbell and take it to him, or at least be sure Picard saw that he had it. Nothing I ever did would convince him to get his dumbbell first and frankly, I could never bring myself to correct that thinking behavior. I guess I valued his independent thinking more than a perfect performance.

In the herding arena, Spinner gave me all he had to give but I followed the bad advice of well meaning friends. I believe he lost his confidence in me and we never tapped into what I believe was a huge talent and ability. He has a lot of eye and stock sense and more drive and energy than 6 dogs. He achieved his PT at one of the AKC's first herding trials.

In conformation, Spinner had 11 points and both majors at his retirement. He had wins under such prestigious judges as Michelle Billings and the late Betty Moore. He has a very correct structure and movement with a high ear set. At 10 years old I am still waiting for him to mature and settle down. He daily steals socks, opens cabinets, doors, crates and anything else that stands between him and whatever he decides he wants. Although no longer competing, he sticks to me like glue and is the best housedog you could ask for. He will always be my best buddy!



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