Alamar's Spur STDsc, OTDc, HSAC


Spur at 9 years old, still has it. Photo by Pat Corl


Spur is born and bred to be a cow dog. He is tough on cattle but can work sheep as well with eye and finesse. Although not an excessive biter, when he does bite, it is to the bone. He works with an immense drive and never tires or quits. He is medium coated with semi-pricked ears. He has the most easy-going temperament and loves people and dogs.

Spur has competed in limited cattle trials and done well, winning several trials. He also competed on sheep and scored well.

When working, Spur will walk up on anything and hold his ground when challenged. He has a mental toughness and will take pressure when training without quitting. He will take a correction and give, then go back and try to do it right. His is so gentle with people and other animals it is amazing to watch. He is not in the least dog aggressive, even with other males and is a lover not a fighter. His is such a joy to have, we feel really lucky!

Spur has been bred several times and has produced some outstanding cattle dogs as well as some sheep dogs. His puppies consistantly show his gentle disposition and are a joy to be around. They also posess his intense desire to work and never quit attitude.




Spur at 11

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