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4/18/91 - 9/30/04

Storm was our first adventure into the wonderful world of Aussies. Alan purchased her as his first "agility dog". He was looking for a dog that everyone didn't have and who was intelligent and fast. At the time she came to us Australian Shepherds were not AKC recognized but we had inside "scoop" that they were about to be.

She has all the talent in an Aussie one could ask for. Her ability to remember vocabulary was phenomenal. At the height of her competitive career she knew all the agility obstacles by name and could turn left or right on command on a dead run. She was fast and truly had fun with agility.

In herding Storm shows a tremendous amount of eye for a loose eyed breed. She was our first herding trial dog so she has the distinction of being the one on which the mistakes were made. In spite of that she went on to earn her Started title on sheep in both ASCA and AKC. At that time we didn't have land and her exposures to sheep were few and far between, adding to the challenge of being trial ready. Storm was the reason I fell in love with the breed and she was followed by Spinner.



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