Alamar's Going Postal, HT, HSAS




Zip is a 30 lbs black and white Border Collie out of CH Alamar's Angel HSAS Stds Otds Atds and CH Alamar's Spur Stdsc Otdc. She is a delightful combination of tough and sweet. She started out strong as a puppy and made the cut as to the strongest working pup in the litter and earned the right to stay at Alamar.

On stock,Zip has a world of balance and will walk straight up on stock. She has natural wide flanks and a very willing attitude. She has the sweet disposition of her mother and father and the stock sense of them as well. Zip and Alan will be making their herding trial debut in Wichita, KS in April.

In conformation, Zip has already received 2 points and 2 reserves to her big sister, Rosie. Zip is a lovely female that looks ready to carry on the Alamar tradition of exceptional working ability in a structurally correct package.





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